Friday, May 29, 2009

Yukon is SO cool, it doesn't need a definite article!!

I am really into Yukon right now.

Here's why...

We hung out at a condemned bar called The Pink Palace - or The Pit, depending on who you asked - and got tips from a local, about locals. We also learned about an international chicken sandwich, which involved a trip to Mayo, Yukon, then to Chicken, Alaska!

Then we earned our Sourtoe certificates (Google it if you don't know what this is, but trust me when I say that you are better off not knowing). Julie thought that she would "memorize" the moment of induction into this prestigious club of 30,000 drunk fools, but none of us could remember what it was she wanted to remember. I remember that it was gross. Here's Heather now, with the one and only Captain, caressing her with a mummified disfigured toe.

Looks like fun, yes?

We even randomly ran into Xander when we were watching the can-can dancers at Diamond Tooth Gerties; he had planned to represent Yukon for Beard Team Canada, but couldn't go. We cheered for him anyway. Like this:

Some things in Yukon are unnecessarily complicated, like this:

Other things are simple. Like if you find yourself in the presence of a Klondike-y costume, you wear it.

We had a magical moment with Florian and his accordian, but I can't seem to upload video. I'll keep trying. (Tips, anyone?)

Heather's more into the NWT.
(Notice how much rockier it is than the provinces).

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