Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gold Rush Revival

Ooooohhhh Dawson City. Lovely Dawson City. As you can see, we reached DC in the darkest hours of the day, which given our experience may have meant we arrived at midnight or 4 am. As southern girls we really couldn't keep track of nighttime or daytime very well.

Needless to say, tired and weary we found the most convenient location to park our van and got into the sardine formation needed to accommodate us all.

What a pleasure to finally see DC in daylight. It took us back in time to the days of the booming gold rush. Given the presence of the Klondike Art Institute, artistic pleasures were abundant and we were particularly pleased by the Camera Obscure...go to find out!!!

After checking out the frontier watering hole known as the Pink Palace, we headed out to an undisclosed location where our friend Myles provided us with a nights accommodation.
The place was wonderful after sandwiching in the van for so many days and the dress-up material left us with endless ways to express our feelings about the true north.

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