Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beard Parade

With the van now moustachio’d and despite a flat tire (expertly changed to a donut by our Automotive Professional Em) off we went to meet Beard Team Canada.

Due to technical difficulties the internet was not accessible from our hostel so we stopped off at the convention center, hoping somebody could direct us to the parade. We parked and were immediately greeted by Phil Olsen, the Captain of Beard team USA, and swarmed with press. Seriously? Seriously. Photographers, TV and Documentary Cameras, Tourists… We began to realize our little adventure was kind of big deal?!! After interviews and action shots, we pulled up to the parade start point and have our first meeting with Beard Team Canada!!

Away we paraded, saturating our spectators with Canadiana (Flags, Pins, Anthems, Banners etc.). This was our first time officially cheering for Canadian Beards, and we were thrilled with all the kindred spirits we have found with Beard Team Canada.

Sweet Banner, Boys!

Canada was BY FAR the best dressed team in the entire championship.
Cheers for Canadian Beards!

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