Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the Road Days 1-3ish

Today we left Calgary, and made it to a place called Pink Mountain- a truck stop like place where we slept in the van. There was some snow, primarily along the Icefield Parkway, but Em powered us through.

Otherwise, we saw pretty wildlife stuff, and had some interesting cultural experiences in Grand Prairie?! Yay for Adventure!
So Far, Along the Way we have seen.....
Two Glaciers
Mountain Goats, and Sheep
Wild Horses
Redneck Grand Prairie Men/Boys
Crazy, high maintenance leathery Cougar Ladies (also GP)
GIANT BEAVER (and a sign, saying "Giant Beaver Attraction Ahead!)

Many Bearded Men (mostly friendly variety)
Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway
Trucks, Mountains, Motorhomes, Starry Skies and Trees!!

We are enjoying the perpetual light- it gets darkish, but not really dark, and we are able to keep the promise to my dad not to drive into the dark, since it doesn't really get dark!

AND... apparently the computers in the Whitehorse Library are so very slow, and trying to upload photos to the blog just times itself out.... we hope to encounter faster technology in the near future, but today, pictures are not an option. We are working on that!!

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  1. hey girls! somehow I didn't say goodbye to you girls, but I just wanted to say I had a blast hanging out with all of you! It still blows my mind that you came all the way up here for such a random adventure. Hope you had safe travels back home and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future!

    Nathan Woods (Thunder Bay)
    -just facebook me.